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Ohio Highway Patrol, Scioto County Sheriff's Office and District Attorney's Office Refuses to Cooperate with Marine Corps Veteran Military Police Officer on Narcotics and Illegal Drugs Investigation in (Scioto County) Portsmouth Ohio.

Do United States Military Veterans Support their Children Using Illicit Street Narcotics, and How Would You React if you Found Out?

Before you start reading, I want to make it absolutely clear that I am calling out the integrity and function of several Law enforcement branches in the state of Ohio. I am calling out the integrity of the District Attorney's office in Ohio. I am calling out the integrity of the Drug Task Force (if they really want to call it that). I am calling out the integrity of the Ohio Highway Patrol, and furthermore I am calling out the integrity of the Governor of Ohio (don't know the guy, don't want to know the guy, and I'm speculating, but he probably spends more time counting his money from his salary rather than actually helping constituents who have real problems. Who would expect such a "respectable" guy to actually do any work to help the "people of his precious state" along actually do his job to govern the agencies under his authority in the state, including but not limited to these mentioned agencies. Again, I am just speculating here, but what we do know is that actions speak volumes about the stature of a "politician".

I am also calling out the "picky and choosy" nature of the news stations who would rather do news reports on cute puppies, traffic jams, and running to a local creek to make a sprinkle look like a flood, instead of actually investigating real issues in their coverage area for viewers like you. I am sure you love only seeing the types of news stories above and not real issues right?

I am sure this article will be eventually taken down, but that is quite OK. I have several backup copies of the article and it will definitely find a way to be republished. There are thousands of websites that "index" content, and a ton of search engines beyond our beloved Google where content can be found, so if you (whoever that is) wants to argue about my freedom of speech, I will just hook you right up and spam the internet with the article where you can spend the rest of your days trying to find it to "take it down and censor this" and where millions and millions of people, more importantly Veterans, interested in real issues can find it. So if your one of those "brilliant" minded people, take the time to clearly think it through before you take the time to take down the article, because I can promise you, the more it's down, the faster it will spread. The minute the article goes away, you will find yourself in the "unique" position to have your full time job from now till the end of time locating every public and private internet server on the face of planet earth, and beyond, where I will push the article, OR is this the only place it's posted? You tell me? Oh, and by the way, you can not take down physical printouts of this report either for those amazingly "brilliant" people that might get sand in their drawers over this and think the article your reading is the only one. I wonder in whose hands this might get personally delivered, or mailed, or emailed directly or which reporting agencies around the United States might just find it in their inboxes due to the wonderful nature of just how the internet and the Post Office works? Let's just say that I am a scientist, and I like to experiment.

Happy Hunting!

I no longer feel the need for me to "beg" someone to look into this problem. I am done with "asking for help". Now it is time to speak, and speak I shall. I am a very nice guy who would do anything to help people, but when I, a Veteran of the United States military, gets upset to the point that I take time out of my day to write an article "like this" to let our military Veterans know what is really happening out there, I have had all I am going to take in regards to the "nonsense" and in, my single, humble opinion, I ask you to please listen carefully to everything I am about ready to tell you in this article, because most people don't have the spine or the brass to put it out there like this. I am not one of those people! Maybe no-one find this article, or everyone finds it. I am not sure yet, but let's see what happens. Again, let's just say I am a scientist in a way and I like to do field tests on certain topics.

Furthermore, I am bringing this to the attention of every brother and sister Active, Reserve, Inactive and Military Veteran (Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and branches such as the Coast Guard, and Army National Guard) in the State of Ohio, and frankly the entire country of the United States of America. Mr. President (Trump) if one of your staff manages to find this, or if you happen to get a hyperlink directly to your Whitehouse email (you shouldn't be surprised if you do), I would advise an investigation occur, because I am pretty darn sure you haven't been made aware of the stature or rather lack thereof, of some of these agencies. Why would they actually tell you? They don't want to voluntarily make themselves look bad and run the "risk" of losing their authority in the matter. I'll just tell you now Sir, they are ignoring major problems and are picky and choosy (or cherry picking) about what they want to enforce and would rather harass someone for driving 5 miles over the speed limit, and write a ticket, than to be proactive and investigate a real issue that someone brings to their attention and practically hands over every piece of evidence on a silver platter, so they can enforce actual criminal issues. What a concept. What if I and the millions of Americans were just as picky and choosy and decided we were going to ignore paying our federal taxes, or for that matter just stop working and "suck off the system" for doing absolutely nothing to be a leaching member of society. Yes Sir Mr. President, I think there is a possibility that there is a lot more going on under the sheets of this section of the state government than just my problem, but I would think illegal illicit drugs killing people everyday I would say is a pretty legitimate problem to get upset over, don't you?

Mr. President Sir, I am positive you don't do drugs (and from what I understand you don't even drink wine), and as such since it is a massive problem in the country, and not just Ohio I would like to offer up the possibility that the DEA step up their game just a tinge, especially when they get a trafficking "tip", clearly outlining the failure of the local Drug Task Force, being the county Sheriff's Office, to act or investigate on the well laid out tip. I will be honest Mr. President, I hate wasting my time, and thus if the response to a legitimate tip is going to go unheard, then Sir I will make sure the next time there is a "fire" in the building I am in, instead of doing my duty to alert people to get out for their safety, then I will just walk out quietly, go sit in my car, light up a cigarette, turn on some music for however I am feeling at that moment, and watch the fire. Sir, I
might even take the time to walk to the nearest tree, break off a limb and roast some marshmallows from the heat, but I will dare not open my mouth and waste my breath because no matter how loud I would yell no one would hear me. Yes Sir Mr. President, when I am later asked why I didn't help, I will just say it's because I have a raspy voice.

There are a lot of us Veterans out there. The rest of the population can listen and read along if they so choose, but after putting my own rear-end on the line for this country in the performance of my duty as a United States Marine (USMC) to secure our country, I have the right to speak and I will exercise my freedom of speech guaranteed to me under the constitution. We may have to take orders from the "federal government" in performance of our duties as military enlisted or officers, but what we don't have to do is lay down like a bunch of cowards giving up our freedom of speech and the right to know what is really going on out there. I want my fellow Veterans, of all branches and all walks of life, to know what I am dealing with, what the problem is, what I have done to get help for my serious issue, who I have personally approached, and what these "agencies" have done to ignore such a massive issue affecting my family, and also affecting, I'm sure, millions of others families.

As a little forewarning to my fellow Veterans, just remember who you are voting for when re-election comes back around. I am not only referring to the Office of the President of the United States of America, but to every adjacent and subordinate position in every state out there, including Ohio. I am not taking a political stance for a specific party, and that is not what this is about. Take into consideration the lead supervisors positions of the Ohio Highway Patrol, the office of the Sheriff in Scioto County Ohio, and who you are re-electing at the District Attorney's Office. Furthermore I ask you to take into consideration the Judges come re-election time who reside over whatever cases are actually being brought before them. Like Mr. Trump (our president) said, it's time to drain the swamp, and that doesn't just include federal government officials, but also trickles down to state levels. We need to put officials in office that will do "the hard work" as well as the easy work, and from what I have seen, witnessed, and have found, they just simply aren't doing the job to the "best" of their abilities.

Now, we wouldn't want them being out of work or anything, so I have some ideas of good businesses that would be excellent in redoing their resume. We can work "together" as Veterans, I am sure, to find them a professional career position that they would be better suited for, such as working at McDonalds, or Walmart, or maybe a more advanced "well paying" position working as a toilet scrubber in a local gas station. I hear BP gas is a great place to work in Ohio! I offer up the opinion that they would "at least" be working under a supervisor who would like nothing more than to breathe down their necks and make them do the job or fire them for a lack of work. Again, what a genuine concept. So supervisors (I am sure you know who I am talking to) if you one day find yourself in the very unique position of needing a "job" please approach a local Veteran in your area and we will "help you" get re-employed to one of these great positions, or we will extend the same courtesy you have extended to us which is completely ignoring our "problem". Hurry before these positions get filled, because there are only limited spaces available for work!

Now, let's get to the real "meat" of the issue.

This year on or about 26 June 2019 I made contact with my older daughter from a previous marriage while I was on active duty in 1995 to 2002. I had lost contact with her because of narcissism and a slew of allegations thrown my way to keep me from being a father several years ago. The last time I was allowed to be a "father" to my daughter was in 2014 when she was 14 years old thanks to the loving and caring judicial system in the state. I just simply decided it was about time, in June 2019, that I tried to wish my 21 year old daughter, (currently living in Portsmouth Ohio) a happy birthday so I pinged her on Facebook messenger and it started going well, or so I thought.

Not to long after June, 2019, my daughter came down to where I currently live out of the Tri-state area. I had chipped in and bought her a plane ticket, on the fly, because she decided to come on to where my family lives. She mainly wanted to visit her younger, half brother and sister, from my current 14 year relationship with my wife. It was only after she made it here that I found out she wasn't really here to visit me but it was at "my expense" not hers. I'm not here writing to complain about that, but I promise I will get to the "meat and potatoes" of the article shortly.

Once my daughter had made it to my residence, it wasn't made very clear to me how long she was planning to stay. It only turned out to be about 4 days, and then her 3 month boyfriend was complaining to her that she needed to come back to Ohio in a hurry. I was honestly getting really irritated, because he wasn't family and there were several other factors that weighed in on my irritability pressuring my "daughter" to cut her visit short with dad. While she was visiting, we discussed a multitude of topics including me helping her draft a professional resume, marketing her skills, and her moving to my location within a "single months time frame", to be around August 2019, where I would not only provide housing for her, but I would feed her properly, pay her Bill's, assist her with finding and finding an apartment for her privacy in locality to my family, and pay a "full ride" for tuition and books to a college of her choice in my area. All my daughter had to do was simply commit to the move for her "betterment" so she would be able to make serious progress to succeed in her life. What would you rather do, start off at the ground floor, or move directly into the executive suite on the "top" floor? This was a once in a lifetime opportunity I was affording, not just for anyone, but for my daughter who I love and want to see do better, of course I didn't realize the following sequence of events were going to occur. Yea, the whole situation was about ready to go sideways, and I sure wasn't ready to deal with it and neither was my wife or younger kids.

Before my daughter departed where I live, way out of state, I gave her a copy of the title to my car, as I had an extra one, signed the back of the title and left my registration in the glovebox. My wife helped me clean out our stuff out of the car, thankfully, because I was overly busy. That was a huge help to me. The agreement was as follows. She was to go back to Ohio, return in approximately 1 month and then register the vehicle in her name where I live, out of the
state of Ohio, then proceed to get her a job using the resume that we agreed that I was to build with her help, then help market herself to employees in my family's area. Let's just say that I am not an average person. I am not being conceded, but I have earned my way to what I do based on hundreds of, consistent, hours of study and the want to overachieve. I work long hours and a ton of people across the United States are dependent on what "I know" as a matter of education, study and self training.

At that point in around mid July 2019, this year, she returned to the Portsmouth Ohio area, but not by herself. Although she "talked a good game" about her driving skills, she literally couldn't handle doing the drive on her own and I had to constantly remind her to put on her seatbelt, use turn signals, look in the mirror, and give herself space on the road. My wife and I had to drop off the younger kids at some of our local families house, get in our other car and follow my 21 year old, grown adult daughter all the way back to Ohio, which took nearly 24 hours of hard driving, only to stop for gas, food on the run, and back on the highway. It seemed like it took forever to get her back but eventually we made it. My daughter was excited to "market", and I mean that in the loosest of terms, her little 3 month boyfriend to me, as if he was the "catch" of s lifetime. This was not the type of guy a daughter should even be proud to bring home to "dad" along, taking into consideration my background and the background of my family's long line of law enforcement officers. I am extremely picky, and I have certain expectations of people. Her judgement was clearly impaired!

With that being said, the visit was cut really short by myself and my wife, because we did not want to be there. I had no intentions, what-so-ever, in pursuing an adult and interested conversation with "this guy" because I already didn't like him for rushing my visit with my daughter plus he barely speaks any English and there was one additional thing. He is an illegal (undocumented) person from out of the country, who has been in that area of Portsmouth Ohio for approximately 9 years, and along with that most of his "family" is also undocumented. It doesn't matter from where he is from. You're wondering how I know this information right? My daughter told me point blank during one of our conversations, so I learned this first hand knowledge, not guessing whether it was "true" or not. At least, my expectations would be that he be a naturalized citizen, not blatantly violating and insulting our country by ignoring due process. Furthermore, it was, and still is a direct insult to me and my family. I am NOT knocking immigrants. We are all immigrants of some kind, no matter our heritage, and our ancestors came here using due course of law, so don't get that wrong by me being overly insensitive because I am not that way. I just simply expect people, in general, to do the "right thing" but maybe that is a little too much to ask for.

At that point, totally exhausted from no sleep in two long and miserable drawn out days of travel to get her back to Ohio, my wife and I returned from whence we came, and yes it was also a long drive back. Without justification, I spent a lot of time sleeping on my return.

Over the course of the next week, we (meaning my wife and I) communicated with my 21 year old daughter over Facebook. I did not think or expect a quick turnaround in her returning to
where I live anytime soon. After not seeing her for 6 years, I had no expectations at all really other than what was discussed and agreed on previously mentioned. Against all of my thoughts, my daughter decided that she was going to drive back the following week after the previous visit a week prior. I was really shocked. She asked me to send her some "gas money", again at my expense, and so I did through a transfer so she could return. I had to even school her on the use of GPS so I could track her location when she would manually send it my way so I could guide her. Not too far into the trip, only a few hours out of the really long drive, my wife and I got the "Facebook Call", saying she couldn't do the trip on her own. Again, going way out of our way, my wife and I dropped the kids off at family and drove to meet with her and carpool back, switching drivers between two cars the whole way only stopping for gas and food and continuing on our way.

Eventually we made it back, retrieved the 2 younger kids again and my 21 year old daughter stayed at my home,with my family and her brother and sister, but it was only for the week. During the course of this week my older 21 year old and I visited a military pub locally to me and had a few drinks just to get out and talk, but things started getting out of hand, for me anyhow. I get it that she is young and wanted to have fun, but there is a limit to where a daughter should push dad to. During this specific incident, we were visiting a local chain restaurant, where I know the owner and most of the waitresses in my area, and she got downright drunk and sat down at the table of a customer, where the husband and wife were dining in a booth seat, and practically sat right in the lap of the lady at the table. The lady was shocked to say the least, I pulled my daughter by the hand off of the seat from beside this lady, and I sincerely apologized about her behavior to the lady. I was truly embarrassed. Later, in no more than 15 minutes later, outside on the restaurant patio, she pulled up a piece of the lap of one of the waitresses who was off duty waiting on her boyfriend in a chair outside and sat right on her lap, started kissing on the girl cheeks and got her phone number, then proceeded to yell things at the girl on her way out to her vehicle. That's right, dad sure didn't need to see, hear or get that burned into my mind. I was completely floored by what I was exposed to. Yes, it gets much much worse later. (I am just trying to "paint" you a picture here of behavior for later events, so you will see a pattern developing.) I finally convinced my daughter it was time to go home because she honestly had enough fun for one evening at the expense of my humiliation.

Another day this same week, my wife and daughter went out and had a few drinks, while I was working and stayed home with the younger ones. It was around 11:30 at night when these two finally made it home, pitch dark outside, quiet in a residential area and the younger kids asleep in the house, and pulled the car outside into the driveway. I was outside in the garage with the door up when they pulled in. My wife had the driver's door of our sportscar open trying to get out and here I am, again, being witness to my daughters crazy behavior that dad can't unsee. My daughter crawls out of the passenger seat, jumps on my wife in the driver's seat, and is acting like a complete fool honking the horn of the car with her backside. No need to go into specific detail, but my wife was in shock from what was transpiring and I had to pull my daughter out of the car to help my wife. It just got worse once we all made it in the garage, where my daughter was making "passes" at my wife right in front of me, and all-the-while my wife is trying to
leverage the one-arm-length rule to help her keep some distance. I was flabbergasted at what I was seeing, because who in a million years would expect, or even think it possible, to have your "own" daughter make advances at her fathers wife. Just to give you an idea of timeframe, me and my wife have been together since my 21 year old daughter was 5 years old, and yes we both took care of her when she was a youngster. I honestly could not believe what I was witnessing and happening right in front of my very own eyes. Let's just say it didn't take my wife and I long to get her to sleep because she was torn up drunk. I only wish, as a concerned and loving father, that this issue ended here but, with my luck, it didn't. Somewhere in the mix of conversations between my daughter and I this particular week, she told me that she had been smoking marijuana since she was 14 years old and that was when her "wonderful mother and stepfather" was caring for her. That incident would have been just prior to all of the problems, mentioned briefly before, and around the same time I had a suspicion she was abusing marijuana at such a young age, but it was far out of my control and her mother's belief remained that "her" daughter would never do such a thing. I had made a complaint to CPS investigators and she was tested but the "investigators" in another state at that time refused to release any details to me about what was truly going on. Let's just mention here that her mother (my ex-wife) whom I divorced for more reasons than there are sides to a snowflake, was not "parenting" my daughter, but had told me directly to my face at one point that she was "living life through our daughter" since her 20's was cut short by our marriage. I was still in the Marine Corps at the time of divorce, and frankly I was relieved to be away from my ex-wife. Boo Hoo. (Listen for the whining)

She, my ex-wife, wanted to be her friend instead of her mother and had told me this on numerous occasions to my face. Later this specific week, my 21 year old daughter was following my wife and cut off an Air Force Veteran's wife. She completely mangled the passenger rear door of that beautiful sportscar and did some minor damage to the truck the lady was driving, of course that was built like a tank. On my arrival to the scene of the accident, I spoke in detail about the accident with the Corporal of the local police department who wrote the accident report, and additionally he wrote my daughter a ticket for improper lane change, which wasn't a terrible cost, but still it was nearly 200 dollars. I agreed that my daughter was in the wrong to the officer on duty as well as the wife of an Air Force Veteran. I told her I would personally file the claim, and get her damages fixed even if I had to pay for it out of pocket, but I felt sincerely that I was obligated to help and assist her, given she was a fellow Veterans wife. I took care of the incident calls post accident with my military insurance company and they got right on it, to help her get a rental and do repairs. Meanwhile, my personal deductible for insurance was going to be 500 bucks, and I told the insurance adjuster that I was going to hold on repairs till my daughter's return to where I reside for repairs. Again, my daughter told me a month, and that's what I was going by.

Anyhow. moving forward, the week ended and again, my 21 year old daughter returned to Ohio, and my wife and I had to do the "carpool" thing, with 2 cars and my money funding the whole trip for fuel and food for 3 of us, to get her back to Ohio, leaving the younger kids (half siblings to my daughter) with family locally. I will save you the reineration again, because by now you get
it. Long drive, long hours, etc etc..and upon our return I crashed hard to sleep. So we drove up and back and the story continues. Let me preface the rest of this article by saying this. (No father I have ever know or ever will know would continue to do this for their adult child, no matter how much they love their child. It is time to adult-up and be the big grown adult they claim to be.)

Let me stop here for a minute and drop a "side note". This was just prior to my daughter's first visit that she lost her job working in a warehouse in Ohio, where she met her boyfriend, so she had very little money saved up, and there was a hard time finding a real "job" for her because of her marijuana usage, since most companies nowadays require a drug test prior to employment during the initial screening. I know this is obvious to most of you fellow Americans and Veterans, but I wanted to point this out that she knew she had very limited "opportunity", and again I didn't know what was coming my way later.

The following weeks progressed, my daughter still had not moved to my family locality with us and the younger kids, and I started to feel like something was misplaced, whether it was my trust I extended to her, or whether there was a hidden agenda on behalf of my older daughter. I couldn't place my finger on it yet, but I knew something, somewhere just wasn't quite right. It was at this point that my youngest daughter, 8 years old, started wondering why her "big sister" wasn't messaging her anymore on Facebook or by cellphone texting to "talk". My youngest daughter, in the very short time up to this point, got really attached to her older sister. Let's face it, I understand why she got attached. She knew she had an older sister the whole time, but the last time she was around was when my youngest daughter was about 6 months old, so she didn't really remember her.

Here is where the problems really started rearing its ugly head. By now it is late September 2019. Between August and this timeframe, there was a lot of silence from my oldest 21 year old daughter. My wife, and I, would message her on Facebook and ask her simple questions and they would go unanswered yet to have my daughter later send a message, asking for help or questions to us, ignoring previous communication. Again we would ping her on Facebook and no response. Think back to the "Hunt for Red October" movie when Sean Connery was trying to defect and he said send 1 ping, and "Only 1 Ping" meaning sonar to the United States submarine. This is where communication got thin as ice. It went from massive amounts of communication to nearly nothing! Then, ignoring everything we asked, she started having car problems with the vehicle we gave to her, which was an emergency situation. Let's just completely skip the chit-chat with dad and only message him when I need something. The car wouldn't start, the key fob wouldn't open the door, the rotors were warped, the new brake pads, which I personally installed, were bad and "old". The police battery that was in the car was bad, the alternator, which I also replaced recently, was also bad. Her amazing boyfriend, whom I had no admiration for at all, paid for new tires, when the tires weren't old or worn, new battery when it was an amazing one already installed, new brakes, new rotors, new wiper blades, new alternator, etc etc etc.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the car when I handed it over to her. The rotors were new, the brakes were new, I had redone the entire front suspension, alignment, oil changes, transmission service, steam cleaned interior, complete detailed job in and out of the car, minus the destroyed passenger door from the accident. For all intents and purposes, the car was in such a condition that anyone would have loved to have it. It was another sportscar of mine!

Yes Sir, Fellow Veterans, the car was immaculate and well maintained given that it was nearly 10 years old. No scratches on the paint, 1 minor dent from a rock bouncing off the passenger side door, new front drivers glass, new windshield wiper blades. The car was serviced properly and was in great working condition, but again this is not the purpose of this article, but is only to show that I was trying my hardest to help my daughter.

In addition to the above "mess" this is where I really started losing my patience with my older daughter. She started sending, my wife and I, Facebook pictures of actual images she took with her cellphone. She sent us a baking tray picture full of marijuana, a grinder, and various pieces of paraphernalia, such as glass pipes used to smoke illicit drugs, a bong, and other images. In addition to that, where I was in total shock when, she started FaceTiming my wife and I, sitting in the exact car described above, which to this point in time was still neither registered in Ohio or title transferred into her name, or what I was promised where she "agreed" that it would be in her best interest to relocate either to my home or the surrounding area in another state. As previously mentioned, I was going to assist her. Instead of making good on her word she went back on her entire agreement with my wife and I, and in addition was putting me in a terrible situation. I called and verified repercussions with my military insurance company and they verified that if she got into an accident, killed someone, hurt someone, or maimed someone, that it was very possible that I could be named as a defendant in either a criminal or civil lawsuit, since the car was still Titled and Registered in my name.

My daughter further admitted and explained, to my wife and I, that she routinely drives high (under the influence) daily around the area of Portsmouth Ohio. It was at this point I realized my daughter needed some serious help and intervention, but I also knew that my daughter had the "I don't care mentality". Furthermore I knew after, my wife and I, tried reasoning with her about the marijuana use and her driving around, that she was absolutely not going to seek help for Rehabilitation on her own. Not because I wanted to be tough, but because I knew that she would not seek help on her own, without law enforcement interaction, court proceedings and having a certified "Judge" send her to drug detoxification, I wrote up a very detailed report, including all personal information of my daughter, her non-Ohio driver's license number, and her exact location at her boyfriend's location where she was currently living, along with her ex-boyfriends location where she was living approximately 1 mile from current location just 3 months prior. My further investigation led me to find that the ex-boyfriend was a 6 time felon who had spent time in state prison in Ohio as well as one other surrounding state. In addition to that information, I also included every case number, and the state in the report. I did this, not only because I knew how to, but so they would be able to pull up the information fast with very little "investigation" on their part. We wouldn't want these precious little LEO's to actually "chip a

nail". I sent this to the Drug Task Force in the local area of Portsmouth Ohio which included the Scioto County Sheriff's department, and I also carbon copied the local Portsmouth Ohio police office. This detailed report was completely ignored, and not so much thought of by the deputies. Imagine that, I find detailed information and hand it over in a well crafted report and not one single action happened. I was floored, because after all, it's the "Drug Task Force". Actually, it seems more like a BoyScout camp where little boys get together and roast marshmallows, but you would "think" with the name "Drug Task Force", that they would actually be interested in drugs in their county. No Sir, they would rather pull over someone for a minor thing, such as a slight jerk of the wheel, where they are "driving left of center" or write a ticket for a couple miles an hour over the speed limit. I personally pose this theory. I bet if a suspicious Krispy Creme truck was rolling through their jurisdiction, they would have to confiscate all of the Creme and Jelly filled doughnuts in the back of the truck and taste test every one of them because its "possible" someone is transporting drugs inside of the doughnuts. Could it be possible that the, Sheriff's Department in Portsmouth Ohio', stance be that they can't let someone "get away" with this so we have to check every doughnut for evidence. Could it be that the only reason the truck was pulled over was because he was reaching for his coffee cup a 2 AM because he was tired and was doing his best to stay awake and do his job transporting those delicious little delights. I propose that this truck would have been pulled over because there is nothing open at 2 AM in Portsmouth Ohio that carries drug loaded doughnuts, and these LEO's just needed that "fix". Veterans, let's just propose for a moment that it is more important for the "DTF" to investigate "strawberry jelly" than drugs. Personally I am fond of marmalade, but that's another story altogether.

Moving forward, in the first week of October 2019. It had been well past my agreed time with my 21 year old daughter to relocate to my out of state location which was 1 month. My wife and I spoke several times about this situation. Yes, fellow Veterans, had I only known the initial pieces of information, I would absolutely have agreed that giving my daughter the car was a huge mistake, but I had no clue whatsoever at that time, so I was doing what I believed to be right and helped her, under the premise that certain events were to happen as previously stated, but apparently I was overly wrong in rendering aid. Also Veterans, yes my wife got on my back about my decision later when we found out this starting piece of information, and she told me verbatim, "I knew this was a bad idea, but I went along with the idea to make you happy, because things seemed to be going in a good direction." Also, during this first week of October 2019, my daughter informed my wife and I that she was pregnant, by her boyfriend of 3 long drawn out months, but stated she believed she was 2.5 months pregnant. Do your own math here, it's really not that hard to figure out.

That was just simply a quick pregnancy and my daughter, all of a sudden, couldn't make her move to my location because she had to make her doctor's visits there locally in an adjacent state. Living in Ohio, still on state Medicaid in an adjacent state, and not notifying of her actual state location. Fellow Veterans, I was also offering to put my daughter on my personal insurance plan so she could get the "best care possible" locally where I was. Yes, I care about her, even though it was a stupid move getting pregnant in her situation. Another couple of
weeks went by of slow radio communication between us (my wife and I) and my daughter. I do know that she continued to use marijuana during her pregnancy and she continued to drink heavily. One day during this timeframe, she pinged my wife on Facebook and told her she was bleeding badly and had to go to the doctor, but never had the slightest bit of courtesy to follow up with us to let us know anything of how she was doing and continued to "ghost us" when we were trying to reach out to her on Facebook to see if she was ok (because love her and were really concerned), or what the problem was. Eventually we were told, after a complete week of constant pings to her that she lost the baby because her body couldn't handle it. Again, you Veterans out there are smart, so I am sure you completely "get" why she lost the baby, and it's not a terrible shock.

Again, continuing to move forward to mid October, it was late at night on a Tuesday when, out of the blue, I get a 7 second video clip sent to me by my daughter. I open the video clip and it was a strip club in WV. I nearly fell off of the couch. I yelled in the kitchen to my wife, spun my cell phone around and handed the phone over to her. My wife also flipped out saying why on earth is your daughter, of all people, sending you this kind of stuff for? I had zero answers and no responses to the question. I was as shocked as she was. I pinged my daughter back and asked her if she was at s strip club, and she said yes but told me to be quiet because her boyfriend reads her messages on Facebook. Frankly I care less if he reads her messages or not. Frankly don't send dad that kind of stuff and then you dont have to worry about "dad" asking a dumb question. Right on Veterans! Can I get some nodding here right about now to the absolute absurdity of the situation.

Quick recap here.

Daughter takes car to Ohio, and then lies about moving down in one month, never takes initiative to change registration or title to her name in either state, smoking a boatload of marijuana without a medical waiver and all of it is illegally grown, and on top of the crazy behavior, starts "ghosting" my wife and I in routine conversation except when she "needs" something, gets pregnant and loses the baby for "Let's say unknown reasons,'' because I'm trying not to point the "finger" at her needlessly, and also makes several requests of my wife and I to "pay" for her 200 dollar ticket, and let's not forget the insurance deductible of 500 dollars, plus all of the various expenses incurred on me by my daughter for her traveling funding which was adding up into a few thousand dollars by this time. Wow, if I only knew my fellow Veterans what was coming at me next, which was going to totally blindside me. Your thinking right now, it can't get much worse right? ….Flat Wrong!

It was at this time, after the video clip of the strip club, the continued marijuana Facetime calls, the pictures of marijuana and paraphernalia, my wife and I decided it was time to go repossess the car because it, and the privileges offered, was clearly being abused by my older 21 year old daughter, who constantly reminded me that she "knew more" than I did, and was criticizing my long standing 14 year relationship with my wife and I. Fellow Veterans, my daughter even tried on a couple of occasions during this venue to convince my wife, and my 2 younger kids, to
leave me, her husbsnd, because I am "controlling" and a "narcissist". I heard exactly what my wife came to me and told me, because she felt that I had a right to know. I am really glad she did tell me, because that was just another piece to add to the puzzle I was putting together of events. Just for the record, I take great care of my kids and wife and although I have to take care of the finances, the work, the maintenance and everything else, I guess that makes me controlling. I guess when you're the control factor and you have to personally juggle everything, yes I can see how my daughter being a really old, and overly mature, woman at 21 might draw that conclusion. Everyone together, please go ahead now and roll your eyes, because I just know you feel like it.

Now that you have a history, let's start by moving forward to the sequence of events coming up next and some personal investigation.

My wife and I finally had enough of my 21 year old daughter joyriding around in this nice sportscar, driving under the influence of marijuana, so we gave my family the reign of my place to pick up the kids from school, and they was happy to watch them for the millionth time, because I had nothing better to do with my time than to go babysit a 21 year old problem child who happened to be my daughter. Yes Sir, since the Sheriff's department would clearly not voluntarily execute their job, ignored the situation, and sat on the sidelines, after I clearly reported the exact location where the car was sitting, the address it was located at, right on the city street, in the middle of town, and explained that my daughter would sit there for hours at a time smoking weed, I had to go deal with this situation on my own. Enough is enough and I was simply not going to be held liable, civilly or criminally, for any event of injury or death arising from my daughter driving around in my registered car with my name on it, knowing that there is a major possibility of collision, with another driver, due to any driver under the influence.

I am very sure you could have clearly seen the smoke clouds rolling out of the car at a distance, because I could barely make out her face for the smoke during these Facetime calls, and I am positive any reasonable and trained Law Enforcement Officer (which is stretching my hopes) can identify the smell of marijuana, because I am more than positive that one can smell that stuff a mile off. It is a very unique distinct smell that you never forget once you get your first whiff of the smoke, and my nose got attuned to the stench while I worked in conjunction with the DEA while I was on Marine Corps duties. Of course that would actually indicate one of these precious, and trained, Law Enforcement officers would, I don't know, do their actual job and drive out for a peek just to see if the tip is legitimate. Fellow Veteran's, I call bull that not one single one of these guys or girls can drive 5 minutes to go check something like this out, but can drive around town for hours in their police cars like a bunch of teenagers cruising for a joyride. Forbid they actually do some real work. Just speculating here but 5 minutes versus hours of time wasting seems to be, in my thoughts a misappropriation of spending, a waste of taxpayer dollars, and just think Mr. President, you could put some of that money back in your pocket for other missions you may have by downsizing the police and Sheriff's office in small towns like that since they obviously don't need the manpower. Again, it's not just Ohio, but I offer up the suggestion to audit the type of cases brought before the courts, the ones dismissed, the ones
tried, and look for what is missing. Yes, I care to take a bet that while there is a large amount of tried cases for drugs, what you won't see from an Executive Report, is what else these guys or girls haven't brought in, such as leads from forgotten or completely ignored tips.

Oh Yes, for you fellow Veterans and other upstanding, self standing, and active caring members of our society, did you realize that these "Law Enforcement" officers are not required to investigate any legitimate real tip for criminal activity? That means they can simply ignore problems, and you can probably bet they will as you will later read. That also means that by doing so, you and the other outstanding and "law abiding" citizens are paying excessive taxes imposed on us, by the state, to give over to LEO's that "most likely" will completely just ignore these major criminal issues, or instead of ignoring them will go to some local office and watch ESPN, or sit in their cruisers messing around on their cellphones. Mr. President Sir, we might as well go ahead and, in addition to paying them to ignore their duties to the people, let's go ahead and cover their daily meal cost, their cellphone Bill's, their vacation to Hawaii and while we are at it Sir, let's go ahead and chip in to get them an executive suite, please, pretty please. I am again speculating and would care to take a bet that no Veteran, ever got paid to do a lush cooshy job like that where we could choose to ignore our duties, and if we did just "ignore" problems could you possibly imagine the how the state of our country would be? For that matter, no Veteran ever said, we want to get paid to do nothing, or let us choose what we want to do. Mr. President, how about we do this, because these military minded, no action, Law Enforcement agencies do exactly that. The next time you drop an Executive Order for the United States Marine Corps to deploy to the Middle East or some other "hole in the wall" at your command as the "Commander and Chief", we just say "yea, so we don't feel like doing that" and instead we will just drive our hummers to the nearest Sonic Drive in, grab some chow and then head out for a relaxing drive along the coast. We are Marines after all and we belong near water and sea, so we are "kind of doing" our job right? That other stuff you ordered us deployed to isn't as "important" as us getting paid, getting our vacation and having fun. No Sir Mr. President, I think we will "kind of" perform our job, but we will just ignore the real issues, and as for defending our great nation, we can do that later when we "get around to it", or not at all since we are picky and choosy about what we enforce as United States Marines.

About the third week into October following this crazy sequence of events, my wife and I headed to Ohio. Our mission… to locate and repossess said sportscar and bring it back to our locality for repairs of the door damage and to put the car back in our possession, where I would know it could not be used as an accidental weapon to hurt or kill someone including my 21 year old daughter by her driving under the influence. When in doubt, secure the device and make sure it's not in the wrong hands! We made it to Portsmouth Ohio area, located the vehicle, as we already knew the address and waited till about 2 PM when we knew she was asleep, because she routinely stays up all night, and so there wouldn't be any kind of argument or fight about the repossession, I called my military insurance company and asked for a tow, and had the driver meet me and my wife about 300 yards from the actual location. I wanted to steer clear of any possible incident that could happen.

When the driver arrived, I handed him an original copy of my title and registration with my identification. I had stopped and requested a lost title and registration on my way to Ohio from my local state where the vehicle was registered to me still. The driver of the tow vehicle, doing his job, called the local Portsmouth Ohio police, and they sent out an officer to be a witness to the event and verify my paperwork, which I was absolutely fine with. When the female officer arrived, I explained to her my position, who I was and my background. She hung back and the driver went and did his job. At that time, he then transported the car to a local location where I was to have the car rekeyed with a newly programmed key fob. Once the vehicle and all of us, including the city officer, made it to the drop off location, the transport driver opened the sportscar door for me, for access into the vehicle. Upon initial entry into the car, it really reeked of every nasty smell you could imagine. There was marijuana ashes, residue, and open grinds of marijuana and tobacco all over the interior of the car in the front seat, floorboard, beside the seats on the carpet and in the back seat of the car and back floorboard.

Mr. President and fellow Veterans here is where I completely lost my cool with the situation. I get that some people need medical marijuana for illnesses or certain things, and I accept and understand this need, but that is regulated and strictly grown. "Go and buy it from your local street dealer where you don't know what is mixed with it,'' said no Law Enforcement official or politician or doctor ever. Give me a break, the car looked like Cheech and Chong was running a grinding and smoking operation in the car, and frankly that is not where my struggles ended. No Sir fellow Veterans. The next part really blew my mind, because I could not believe my own daughter would disrespect my wife and I knowing what we were trying to do to help her, not to mention knowing that I, and half of my line of the family was either a current or former state or federal law enforcement officer at one time.

There was white powder and residue on the interior of the driver's door, along with visible fingerprints on the residue. The steering wheel cover I had installed had been taken off and moved about 6 inches, and using rubber gloves, I pulled back the cover and white powder was laced in the interior. The car, in addition to the marijuana smelled of an illicit substance lab. In addition, all (and I mean all) of my daughter's belongings (clothes, jewelry, shoes, stuff bought from Walmart, ect) was jammed up in the backseat and trunk, which my daughter threw a complete fit over. I spoke with the Portsmouth Ohio "city police officer" and asked if she would be kind enough to do an inspection of the car for drugs and paraphernalia, because frankly I didn't want to touch that car's interior, not only as to worry about getting sick from fumes or residue, I wasn't about ready to dilute or disturb any evidence of the incident. Furthermore, if an illicit substance had been smoked in the vehicle, I knew it would also be all up inside of the ventilation system (air conditioner). She put on her rubber gloves, and did, what I would refer to as a topical, inspection of the vehicle, but I do believe I could have had my 8 year old daughter do a better job. She only did a high level topical inspection, didn't move anything l, didn't look in the center glovebox, or under the seats, or under the dash or anywhere really, because I stood right there and watched her perform her "professional" law enforcement inspection. She also, in addition to the lack of want or need to care, wouldn't touch the white residue because she also didn't want to get sick. I can't say I blame her, however if the law enforcement officers don't
want to do their jobs, maybe one of us Veterans can offer to get her a more professional position at Burger King where she and the other officers don't actually have to do the "job". Furthermore, upon my direct request to do a "drug test" on the suspected illicit substances, she was quick to inform my wife and I that the Portsmouth Ohio city police are not equipped with drug testing equipment. For any Veterans that are forced to live in that area, you already know, but for those that live out of the area, Portsmouth Ohio is known to be a cesspool of drug infestation, so I have to ask the question, "Why, would the police department or officers not be equipped with that piece of equipment?". In addition to that, the officer didn't have the common sense or courtesy to call an adjacent agency to ask for assistance in the matter. Nope, Mr. President and fellow Veterans, this brilliant officer told me it was "ok" to drive the vehicle back to our hotel out of state, where I intentionally placed myself for further investigation on these matters. She said that if ok got pulled over and there was any question as to the validity of my statement to have the officer call the Portsmouth Ohio city police office and ask for her and that she could validate and verify my story. Additionally, there was no report filed by the officer, no incident number given to me, no nothing. Great job Portsmouth Ohio city officers, way to go and glad you are there to "Protect and Serve".....yourself.

I couldn't get a single bit of help, so I was forced into a position that I did not want to be in. To drive a drug laden car through Ohio, and into an adjacent state where, I could easily get sick from the fumes and residue in the car, and again where any "reasonable officer" when they would pull over the car would think I was either using or transporting drugs, and to make matters worse, I had military state tags on the vehicle just so it would make me look like a complete fool. I am sure every Veteran out there would love to be in this situation as to make you look like a fool, and as you can tell I am being completely facetious. Folks, I had to wear a mask and rubber gloves to drive the vehicle, no air, windows slightly cracked for air flow and my wife followed me 45 minutes. I was not a "happy camper", as you can only imagine. I was really mad at the fact that a supposed law enforcement officer, of any kind, would even suggest putting a Veteran in this position along beside the lack of cooperation or professional courtesy to a prior LEO.

To skip forward a day, my wife and I had to leave the vehicle in an adjacent state simply because it was not safe to drive. In addition to the drug laced vehicle, who knows if stuff is hidden under the dash (and I really don't want to test this theory because it's more possible than not), but my 21 year old apparently decided to take the car mud bogging, the brakes pull to the side and the rotors are shot, and warped. The front suspension was clearly loose and you can clearly hear the metal on metal banging. All I can say is it took her less than 2 months for her to nearly destroy a perfect 10 year well maintained sportscar. I am irritated. Fellow Veterans and other people of our great nation, can you possibly imagine why that is?

In addition before departing to head back to my locality, I followed the tip given to me from my daughter sending me the previously mentioned video clip of the "strip club". My daughter would have never thought dear old "dad" would know anything about said club, but I will be honest, as I had been there before years and years ago with my cousins, because we didn't have anything
better to do with our time. I leveraged my knowledge and training to obtain information that I was seeking since it was pretty obvious to me that not a single Ohio official gave a hoot about what was going on. So my wife and I decided to visit this specific club near to the hotel where we were staying at their opening time. I went in with my wife, sat down and ordered a beer. As I expected, here come 2 younger girls, which later I found out were close to my daughters age, wearing their skimpy female outfits to squeeze the money out of the "guy or girl" in today's society. I'm not judging. Hey, I guess they have to earn a living somehow, right? I am not knocking the profession if that's what they choose. Anyhow, I started asking about a dancer that may be working there, and gave a brief detailed description, because I was "interested" in seeing her dance again. I didn't mention who I was because who would have initially believed me, and for that matter tell "dad" what was going on. One blonde dancer, really tall, was standing next to me at the bar, while the other dark haired girl was sitting right next to me at the bar. The darker haired girl asked if I happened to know her real name, and I told her what I "thought" her first name was. The next thing I know, she sits back in her seat completely surprised and echoes back her last name. I said excitedly, "yea, I think that may be her". Interestingly enough, this girl happened to have her cell phone with her at the bar, turned it on, went straight to my daughter's Facebook profile and and showed it to me. Again I said, "wow, yes that is her", and we continued to converse about "this chic", who was a dancer. She said that she hadn't been in lately to dance, but she definitely knew her and had been in "contact" with her on Facebook Messenger, and briefly showed me their communications on her cellphone, although I didn't want to seem like a "crazy person" and put her on alert, so I just said something to the effect of her being a great dancer, and I thought she was a little crazy. I totally did not expect the next line of Intel to just "drop in my lap". I laughed pretty hard and said, "she must be on some good drugs". For everyone out there, with how I verbalized it, means a person is a little wild and don't seem to care, however that is not what came back to me.

The next thing I know is that this dark haired girl, and the tall blonde girl goes on to tell me that they were in "high school" with this other girl (my daughter) described her personality to a tee, and starts telling me about every boyfriend she had, without any prompt at all by myself or my wife, nor any leading questions. What the really interesting part about the whole thing was, that this information was absolutely accurate and true. I recognized every name they threw my way, and due to my research confirmed several of my suspicions. In addition to that both girls continue on to tell me that this girl frequently uses cocaine and methamphetamines (meth), along with "pills" and what I already knew, "marijuana". This confirmed my suspicions about the white powder residue all over the interior of the car, but what I didn't know is if she was snorting or smoking this nasty illicit and illegal stuff. I am pretty sure it wasn't doughnut powder, and I am pretty sure it wasn't baking soda because she doesn't cook much. Much later in the conversation, about 30 minutes or so, I finally told these girls that there was a reason I was inquiring about this specific girl, and that it wasn't because I was "interested in her skills" as a dancer. It was at this point I told them I was her dad, and I was just checking up on her. Both girls was floored, and said no way. I proved this and showed them my identification, told them to verify my last name, and look at the obvious similarity between my picture, my face and my daughter, because there is no way she can deny being my child, as we simply look too much
alike. After identifying myself, I was honestly shocked that the girls didn't retreat because who would have thought "dad" would have come walking straight into the "lion's den" intentionally. In any event, these girls continued to talk to me about my daughter, telling me how sorry they were that she was putting my wife and I through this and how far in the "clouds" my daughters head was and still is. Apparently they knew her pretty darn well, because the "had the goods", so to say. Given where I was sitting, I have to honestly say I felt good that someone was finally telling me the "real truth" and not trying to cover it up. I further went on to explain to them what I had offered my daughter in the lines of housing, education, benefits and allowance each fiscal year. Both girls asked if I would be their "dad" because what dad does that for their kid, right? Of course (they were joking with me, or maybe they weren't, who really knows) no one that I know of would do this for their child, but I believe in second chances and that's what I was offering to my daughter, or at least I was up to this point. After another 15 of so minutes of conversations with these girls, I bid them adieu and walked outside to get in my car with my wife, and we went to the hotel for some much needed rest.

The next morning early, after breakfast, we headed back to our original locality. It took excessive time, because of road construction, but around 16-20 hours later we were home and back with our two younger children who we also love greatly, 12 and 8 respectively. The next day I took time out of my precious day, as if I had nothing more important to do with my personal time, to call the Ohio Highway Patrol and explain my situation, who I was and what my basic background was. The lady on dispatch whom I spoke with interrupted me halfway into my "explanation of events" and asked me how "they could help me". I said first you can help me by letting me finish telling you the problem, and second put me on the phone with someone in Ohio state law enforcement who will investigate this matter. They are direct and to the point, so I just assumed naturally that I should be too. I simply wanted the vehicle verified for fingerprints (both my daughter and her undocumented boyfriend whom I know, for certain, was in the car), and to get a certified report of the chemicals (illicit drugs) in said vehicle, so I could then pursue a criminal action against my daughter. Again, it's not because I want her to get in trouble because I have nothing better to do with my time, but rather I know, and the other Veterans out there knows, that in this warped situation, this is the only way I would be able to get my daughter the help she urgently needs in detoxification programs through the court system, because she sure isn't going to do it own her own recognizance, and I fear for her safety and well being.

I can say that I have previously and personally known 2 girls in my life that had either overdosed and died at home, or died in drug exchanges because they were "addicted". The later one died in a nearby state when a 13 year old, who was selling drugs, shot this girl about 28 years old that I knew in the chest, point blank, while she was sitting in the driver's seat of her car. She had apparently panicked due to the GSW to her lungs and chest, and attempted to speed to the local emergency room in her state. She most likely blacked out and hit a "telephone pole" and died. I'm not sure to this day if she died as a result of the GSW to the chest, or the telephone pole, or both. In any event, I get downright riled up when someone close to me gets "involved" in drugs, especially when it's my own daughter.

Fellow Veterans, let's just call this an attempted intervention at the hands of law enforcement. In response to my plea for help for my daughter to the Ohio Highway Patrol, this lady in dispatch gives me the number to the "local barracks" and also the name of the Sergeant to speak with which I wrote down. I thanked her for her time and hung up the phone. I then called the number she relayed to me, only to find out that I was boldfaced lied to by the lady in dispatch. The number given to me was a disconnected "bogus" number. Veterans, that is wrong to do to a Veteran or another current or former LEO. Talk about professional courtesy, these guys sure know how to "help" us and do their job to "protect and serve" their own personal agenda. Just as a side note to those ("Oh, So Intelligent High and Mighty Attitudes in Law Enforcement") who just blow off people, that you may want to keep in mind whom you are talking to on the other end of the phone and not be a jerk, because something like this might get published as a result. Just saying, but is clearly obvious that your mouth overshot your rear-end by lying to a Veteran. Guess who I am "not calling" if I see another random problem out that way. You guessed it. I would much rather go get ice cream and completely ignore the issues, along stop to "help" an officer I clearly see in a troubled situation when I drive right by them, like they do for us. I used to not only slow down for the safety of police officers in general but I used to examine the area, because stuff does happen sometimes, but I won't be lifting my little pinky finger again. Just saying that, in most cases, not all cases there is a good reason why they are doing such a job and it's not because they are exactly intelligent. Wow, did I really say that out loud? Too bad, so sad! While I am playing my tiny violin with the tune that "my heart bleeds for you". That's quite Okay, Mr and Ms Civilian Police Officer, its "ok", you can cry and have your blood pressure go up. I promise we Veterans won't get upset with you.

After dealing with this obvious dereliction of duty at the hands of the Ohio Highway Patrol, I continued by contacting the District Attorney's office in the county, explained the same thing, only to be told they couldn't do anything without a formal report being sent to them from any of the numerous law enforcement offices I had already reached out to. I told the lady at the District Attorney's office that I expected such a response and no help from "Any Official" in that area of Scioto County Ohio and that I honestly expected that response, so irritated I hung up the phone. I can only speculate, but could it be that this drug infested town is so bad that the District Attorney's office, simply doesn't have the paid resources to have their own "investigation staff" or could it be that they simply don't want to investigate their own backyard, because they might be afraid of what they might find buried? Again, I am merely speculating, but could it be something entirely different, such as that these Illicit drugs bringing "revenue" to that area, and they don't want to disturb the flow of money. I then called and reported these events to some local people that may be interested in the surrounding area, and they practically ignored me as well, but at least they heard what I had to say. Again, given the general area these events were occurring in, it is not a real surprise to me. I bet right about now, these people who blatantly ignored the issue, are wondering exactly who else has read this article or what repercussions might be awaiting them from top level Federal Government Officials. What I will tell you is that the people that have ignored my plea for assistance have made it my full time job to expose the truth. By the way, thanks for hiring me, because I will work for free to handle this exposure.

Additionally I put in another claim with my military car insurance, was again transparent with them, and they said they would help me. The next morning, I received a denial letter of the claim from said insurance company whom I pay excessive premiums to for the "best" insurance company available and to whom are supposed to have the "backs" of our immense population of Veterans who I respect and value as brothers and sisters. Let's just say that I am upset with the treatment of this situation by leaving a Veteran sitting in an obvious bad spot, since the car is not drivable and contaminated by a whole list of unknown and unverified toxic "illicit" substances that I personally don't want my wife or younger children exposed to, along with me getting sick from driving it. I have thought over my position, and I will be dropping off my insurance carrier to the nearest curb, and taking my dollars elsewhere. Video reviews of details will follow, because I am going to put my fellow Veterans on alert so you don't waste your time and money on a company "backing" military Veterans. Now I am glad I know the truth, so I will be saving myself money and changing carriers.

The calls continued for a little while that day, to get help, however not one single official, law enforcement otherwise felt the "need" to investigate this massive problem. I even found out who the dealers or distributors of these illicit substances were and filed some reports with the respective "federal agencies" since "no one" local or state was taking this seriously, so maybe these federal agents might come in and spanky spank, these local yokels who are just ignoring these real problems. In addition I found that the boyfriend of my daughter who is the out of country undocumented immigrant was using a fake identification for employment along with a fake and forged Social Security card with a real assigned number. Someone is going to be really confused and upset when they go to file taxes! Again, I am not making this up, as my daughter was ignorant enough to take a picture of the document (Social Security Card) with her cellphone. I thought it was a good idea to write up a report on that matter as well to the Social Security Administration showing actual proof that I wasn't blowing sunshine up these officials noses. Again, I was having to "babysit" these precious officials, as to keep them from breaking a sweat doing their obviously "overpaid" job.

I have to only speculate, at this point, but it seems pretty obvious that anyone in the state government in Ohio cares about these real massive issues of illicit drug activity (transporting, distribution, or abuse), but please take warning and make absolutely sure your driving the speed limit in Ohio, and not 2 miles over the speed limit. Make sure your not eating a doughnut and drinking coffee while driving because that is a major "crime" punishable by a ticket and confiscation of the delicious doughnut where the jelly filling "might" contain illicit substances. Make sure your not sitting in traffic yawning and let one of these upstanding and helpful law enforcement officers, city, county, or state see that, because that is another massive "crime" and we don't want that, do we? Fellow Veterans, imagine when driving and yawning becomes an offense because this would be another massive "crime" punishable by harassment and investigation. Let's not "ask" for them to do the job they are getting paid for. Let's just throw countless taxpayer dollars at them for nothing, meanwhile they will do their "job" if and when they feel like it. I will make sure I remember that, and burn it in my mind, for later down the road. Thank you very much!

Where are you coming from tonight Sir, while driving at 2 AM? Well, I was sitting on a tree stump drinking, and decided to drive around to visit an old friend of mine. "How much have you had to drink tonight Sir", asks the police officer. I have had about 5 drinks. Going through all of the field sobriety tests, pre-breathalyzer (PBT) for all those familiar with the reference, and the dozens of other HGN tests to gauge for impairment. I can see the officer saying right now, I thought you told me you had 5 drinks tonight? My response would be that you didn't ask what I had to drink, coffee! What an intelligent way to do the "job", and it's merely speculation but I could imagine seeing that happen. We can waste just as much of their time and they do ours.

To finish up, I would like to thank every Veteran (active duty, reserve, retired and separated) out there across Ohio and the United States for your due attention in this article. You have a right to know what is truly happening with this massive issue of illicit drugs and you have the right to know about the amazing cooperation I have received from the wonderful law enforcement officers of the city of Portsmouth Ohio, the county of Scioto County, and the state law enforcement officials of the Ohio Highway Patrol. Let's keep up the great work, that is if you feel like doing your job, and let's keep those dangerous 2 mile an hour offenders off the road. Let's keep those dangerous jelly filled doughnut offenders off the road, but let's not get "carried" away and actually investigate real criminal issues like drug trafficking, distribution, and actual users of these substances, which you can not just "pickup from your local Walmart".

Veterans, let's close now by saying please remember, from the bottom of my heart being caring father, a devoted member of our military, and someone who doesn't want to see my daughter, your children or anyone else dead because of drug abuse and overdose of these insane illicit narcotics, to keep your heart and mind open. You, fellow Veterans, are the keystone to navigation of this issue. There are a lot of us out there, and frankly enough to make a major impact on whom is running our country states, but in this case Ohio. Remember this when it comes election time, no matter your political party, and vote for the betterment of your state, whether it be Ohio or elsewhere. Let's vote out the problem children in the offices of the law enforcement offices who want to sit on real issues, and let's vote out the other state officials who only take issues seriously "when it becomes a problem for them personally", while they should be helping their constituents in real problems. Let's vote in someone in authority who isn't afraid to do their job, and wants to perform the duties of their elected offices.

Mr. President (Trump), I have had about all of the disgust I can handle from this issue, and it has left one nasty taste in my mouth. I thought you should know, and I thought our brother and sister Veterans should know the real backstory.

As I am completely transparent, I wanted to say "up front" that I will not be responding to any requests for comment on this article from anyone looking for further information. I am intentionally not providing my phone number, my email or any contact information. As to the associated email from where you might find this article anywhere in the thousands of possible places on the internet, I can assure you the email is also fictitious and is also not a good avenue
to reach me for comment. I am simply blowing the "whistle" on the state of interactions with dealings with Ohio law enforcement and state officials.

Sincerely Yours, A concerned Marine Corps Veteran From somewhere else in the US, not Ohio (Thankfully) A Ghost in the matter spreading the truth.Ohio Highway Patrol, Scioto County Sheriff's Office and District Attorney's Office Refuses to Cooperate with Marine Corps Veteran Military Police Officer on Narcotics and Illegal Drugs Investigation in (Scioto County) Portsmouth Ohio.

Orlando SEO Company

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Work of an Employment News Site for the On line Users

Media, specially global information, may be the lifeblood of each Forex trader. But, not all Forex information websites provide the very best, or the absolute most total information. And since timing and worldwide industry evaluation is everything in the Forex world, having the absolute most recent and complete information on worldwide events and industry conditions will likely influence investment decisions. As in war, getting critical information is the important thing to victory.

One of the most widely known Forex information website is BusinessWeek. It is the web site of the same magazine bearing its name, and its major gain may be the efficient firm of its news. The latest events on any the main globe can be quickly pinpointed and accessed by observing the various sections and by way of a practical research box. And the headlines reports carried within these sections are of excellent quality, being published continually each day because it happens. There are lots of issues on forex and also contain free accessibility videos. Still another good thing about this site is that there are committed sections for small organizations and trading, which include annual reports and stock information. All of these produce the site a veritable goldmine of recent business events.

Still another effectively known website is Reuters. That MMA News class established fact for its worldwide and very complete coverage (facilitated by its staff of 15,000 persons dispersed over 91 countries), and the quality of their website reflects this dedication. What's beneficial to forex traders will be the Investing area, and a full page called Reuters Financial Products and services which seeks to teach investors on numerous business aspects. Reuters also helps FX trading, and lots of information about the marketplace is available at the site.

Then there's Bloomberg. It even offers worldwide and complete coverage, but what sets this site aside is its dedication to economic data analysis. As a result it includes a committed section on its home page which displays FX charges, equity indexes, and lots of different economic information. There's also a passionate area tackling stocks, good funds and also an financial calculator. There are also investment methods presented on website to help expand support the investors in analysis.

These three forex information websites are among the absolute most well-cited by a few evaluations, which all admit to their usefulness in the economic realm. It is better to see each one of these individually to ascertain if they will really be ideal for one's certain wants and data requirements.

ICC Cricket World Glass 2019 - Disappointing Format?

A Preview with History of ICC Cricket Earth Pot

Began since 1975, cricket world's greatest function Earth Pot function is here now with some serious competition, secret and leisure for the cricket fans.

The mega function is ordered by the governing human anatomy Global Cricket Council (ICC), with preliminary qualification units leading up to and including finals match which held in a distance of each and every four years. Several reports and the numbers have declared that the ICC Earth Pot could be the world's fourth biggest and many viewed sporting event.

Term Pot History

The success and popularity of the domestic one-day tournaments in England and the rest of the entire world, in addition to the first One-Day Internationals, motivated the Global Cricket Council (ICC) to consider organising a Cricket Earth Cup. The inaugural ICC Cricket WC was hosted in 1975 by England.

Australia has won the glass for maximum four instances - with three in a row. They won in 1987, 1999, 2003 and 2007 but it's unlikely that the staff might repeat exactly the same efficiency now as well.

West Indies, who were a principal power in the global cricket for some time have Virat Kohli fallen in to a major slump, and are now placed at the ninth place in the ODI rankings by the ICC. They've won the ICC WC function for two times in 1975 and 1979.

Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka - all of the Asian leaders have won the glass for starters time. But different major nations like New Zealand, England, South Africa and others haven't won it once.

The ICC cricket Earth Pot could be held between 19 January and 2 April 2011 in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Pakistan was also said to be holding the WorldCup fits, but because of security factors, these were stripped off almost all their matches.

This time, you will find 14 nations that could be participating for the match, including India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, England, South Africa, Australia, West Indies, Ireland, Netherlands, Zimbabwe, Kenya, New Zealand and Canada.

India, South Africa, Australia and Sri Lanka would be the major teams in that Earth Pot expected to be earning the tournament. India's hopes are large now as they'll be hosting the glass and their grasp batsman Sachin Tendulkar is likely playing his last WC that year.

Why do you need expert Search Engine Optimization?

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Learn Quran Reading

Learn quran With Tajweed You either need an interpreter device or lexicon to enable you to comprehend the significance, however you likewise need a book speller to peruse words in the referenced language. Expecting that you are perusing these Books and magazines which are composed by people that may contain mistakes and they are dependent upon the writer's' sentiments and feelings online Quran classes. 
Expecting that you are perusing these Books and magazines which are composed by people that may contain blunders and they are dependent upon the writer's' assessments and feelings online Quran classes. 
Online Quran classes But not all books written in any language, you could utilize a lexicon and speller to find their excellence. In reality, perusing Quran, Allah's words; unaltered, dependable, one of a kind cadence, unblemished content, immaculate, marvelous, smooth, uncovered through years, is yet to be thought about learn Quran with tajweed. 
Online Quran classes How to think about the Quran, the blessed book Learn Quran with tajweed ? 
Learn tajweed online Scholars have set certain habits when perusing or moving toward Quran, moreover of being unadulterated regarding performing bathing, physically flawless and clean, confronting Qiblah, Allah has said in the Quran; not to contact Quran except if on condition of immaculateness, Also prophet Muhammed (Peace and gift arrive) used to utilize siwak before each petition. 
Learn tajweed online Moreover, refining one's spirit and mind away from general life interruptions, contemplating in Allah's motivation in the refrains, ought not cut off recitation except if important, present Quran in a moderate paced way, articulate each letter, play out the surrenders of recitation, or more all, applying the tajweed rules when discussing Quran. 
What is tajweed and what are the principles of tajweed Quran with tajweed ? 
Tajweed semantically implies improvement.
The term tajweed more often than not alludes to the rights and levy of the letters, implies the best possible way to express the Arabic letters from its right enunciation focuses. Tajweed resembles the punctuation of perusing Quran, one of the noblest study of Quran. An interesting science branch that accumulates loads of remunerations to Muslims. 
Applying tajweed rules (for all intents and purposes) when presenting Quran is Fard Ain , implies required on each Muslim, while recognizing tajweed terms (theortically) is Fard Kefayaa, implies a typical obligation among Muslim country. 
Online Quran classes It was demonstrated in the confirmed hadeeth that Prophet Muhammad (harmony and gift arrive) used to peruse the Quran word by word and letter by letter, applying prolongation at whatever point required. 
Imam Ibn Aljazaryee said it is necessary to learn tajweed, whoever peruses without tajweed, submits sins. 
Principles of tajweed infers the explanation purposes of the Arabic letters, their attributes (sifat), early afternoon sakin, meem saakin and laam sakin rules, the mudood rules (protracting), connection between adjoining letters, qalqalah letters, standards of halting and different guidelines and it helps you to learn Quran reading.
History of Tajweed 
Quran was sent down from Allah by means of Angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad (Peace and gift arrive), at that point went through oral recitation to the colleagues, though Quran was perused normally with tajweed, as Arabs were local and unadulterated Arabic speakers, they knew the expressiveness of the Arabic language. 
Al-Faraheede, who set down the principles of tajweed and Arabic diacritics, his first work, likewise Abu-Aswad ElDoaaly has recorded his first book in Arabic language structure. In like manner, semantic researchers have framed exposition to aggregate the standards of Arabic or tajweed to encourage their appropriate application.

Start Later On To Lasting Fat Loss By Using These Handy Tips

Since weight loss tips may be found in a wide variety of places today, you may have some trouble knowing which tips are those that will help you probably the most. This post will talk about some simple strategies to help you use to help make weight-loss simpler for you.

Get someone else to sign up for you in when trying to lose weight. It may be easier to lose excess weight if you have someone to share the experience with.

Fitness and health plays a vital role in weight loss program. Getting at the very least 30 minutes of exercise daily is vital. One way to get workout is to sign up with a team which participates in fun activities as you may. It may also help if you would like meet new friends. These represent the varieties of individuals will often motivate you to keep up with your program.

It is possible to workout while you are chatting on the telephone.Maneuver around and talking. You don't ought to run in heavy exercise.

Weight-loss work better for people who determine what works well with them. In Weight Cutting case you are a greater portion of a morning person, set your alarm earlier and do your workouts every morning. Individuals who feel strongest at nighttime hours will prefer a later hours. Should you be someone who is not going to like awakening early, you probably won't want to get up super early.

Eat your largest meal earlier in the day at lunchtime as an alternative to during the night. When you normally have a little sandwich for lunch, possess a dinner-sized meal instead.

This will likely hold you back have in the daytime. This enables consume less calories every single day while you're reaching the fitness goals you have.

Eating a lot of walnuts regularly will help you fight cravings. Research has learned that eating walnuts in the morning assists in keeping you satisfied longer than traditional breakfasts. Walnuts also a great in-between meal snack.

Don't miss meals if you are attempting weight-loss. Although you may think skipping dinner or two will allow you to lose fat, this is not true.

You should purchase a product to check your heart rate if you are planning to lose weight. The heart rate monitor can help assist you know in case you are meeting your heart rate within the optimum zone to accomplish your excess fat loss goals.

Eat with other people whenever possible this ensures you eat. Eating alone will give you nothing to target cleaning our plates.

This will help to keep track of your progress and see precisely what is utilizing your plan. Maintain the numbers logged inside a notebook of the fat loss progress. Those who keep track of it have better weight loss results.

It is scientifically proven that muscular mass burns more calories as fat. Getting an abundant level of muscle on your own physique can assist you to shed pounds without exerting just as much exercise. Try doing training for strength two or three times weekly to boost the muscles.

Eating distracted can definitely ensure it is easy to put on unwanted pounds. If you don't take note of your diet program, it is possible to accidentally eat excessive and reaching your goal of weight reduction will likely be hard to achieve.

Reduce the level of calories that you consume. Fat has doubly many calories as carbs or protein. Remove the foods who have lots of fat, use oils sparingly, and reduce dairy.

You obviously must monitor those calories if you wish to slim down. This can help you understand exactly how much you take in. This will provide you with the information you need to consume more or maybe you're maxed on calories. Utilize a journal or even the computer to maintain track your calories.

Cutting down on unhealthy fats such as french-fried potatoes can help you not just in lose fat, greasy foods out of your diet could have great results to your skin along with your waistline. Studies show that possessing a high-protein and reduce fat.

When you are in weight reduction mode, try shopping at thrift store or discount stores since you won't be wearing these clothes for too long. You don't want to purchase expensive clothes that won't fit you to suit your needs.

It can be difficult to enjoy proper diet when you are traveling a whole lot. Bring food instead of eating at roadside restaurants. Pack your cooler with fruits and vegetables, granola bars, cheese, granola bars and cheese. These food types are pretty straight forward to bring along and might be eaten easily while driving. Do not forget to bring a good amount of water in bottles to hold you hydrated as you travel.

If you let up, just flex again and continue with your day. This increases your muscles in addition to increase your posture.

A sensible way to be a little more fit is to go to bodybuilding websites and fat loss. If you believe you happen to be slipping, look at the sites to get you back on track. Whenever you can develop a relationship with a weight-loss or fitness role model, you are sure to achieve inspiration and a renewed sense of resolve for your objectives.

A diet rich in salt may cause fluid retention, and also this affects your legs and feet one of the most. It is then appear like you might be actually gaining weight. Additionally, it lead you to crave salty foods. Salt might be masked in healthful foods like soups.

These guidelines will guarantee your goals are easy to meet. You can get a variety of locations that provide good recommendations on weight-loss, and the information which you read here will certainly offer you an easy solution to assist you achieve your goals.

Nutrition Might Be Delicious! Look At These Great Ideas

Nutrition starts when you begin focusing on your body needs.This is when nutrition is essential.Try these tips to be able to enhance your ways of eating and make sure you obtain the nutrients that your body requires.

Protein is an essential component of your daily diet that lots of people don't get an adequate amount of. Lean cuts of steak and other red meat is the perfect protein.Pork and chicken are good choices.

Start slow when trying to boost your daily diet for that better.Change may not be happen immediately.You also usually do not would like to disrupt your state of health and internal chemistry with overconsumption of consuming meals which you actually don't enjoy. Add new foods slowly and let yourself time for you to become accustomed to it.

Organic food is the greatest sort of food that you could provide more nutrition in TDEE Calculator your body. These organic foods are what we should were intended to consume from day 1 to make certain quality health. Take one taste of such foods and you'll know why.

Try packing your own personal work or school.It just takes about ten minutes or less to help make yourself some meals prepared.

Require a multi-vitamin daily to ensure that you are receiving all the nutrients your new healthy diet.It will help you the foundation for the minerals that you may possibly not get enough of the day.

Getting the right nutrition is vital for your body to perform properly. A multivitamin will help ensure you are receiving the proper quantities of essential vitamins and nutrients each day. Go to a health shop and request for info on the nutrients you may have to take. For example, if you're an older woman 50 plus, you may need a vitamin designed for females that are middle age. Take these everyday by using a big glass of water.

It is wise to drink plenty of water in the daytime. Drinking a lot of milk or juice throughout the day spoils your child's appetite.

Try to eat a little something before heading out in your Thanksgiving dinner. You will likely overeat if you begin Thanksgiving dinner using a stomach which is empty. Eating something healthy beforehand can help you complete faster and get away from overeating.

One great health and nutrition tip would be to scale back on your intake of refined sugars.You have to be looking for unhealthy such things as fruit juice and soda. These drinks have a lot of extra refined sugars in them and must be avoided without exceptions. Keep sugar out of your diet and you will probably notice a positive change. You need to feel and check better too.

Should you substitute ground turkey for ground beef, you are able to realize many benefits, though they might also be a lttle bit dry. You can easily fix this dryness by adding essential olive oil to improve the turkey's juices. You should have a lower fat meat without each of the fat.

Try eating baked foods in your diet instead of fried ones. Baked foods tend to be healthier and fats in comparison to fried counterparts. Maintaining a healthy diet baked goods will assist you to keep up to date your power level through the day.

Permanently nutrition, it's vital that you have a balanced and nutritional meal. The entire body requires minerals, aminos, proteins, and crucial essential fatty acids. While such nutrients can be bought in supplements, your system can synthesize the meal nutrients better.

Usually do not think that taking a great deal of vitamins to offer you a healthy diet plan. Supplements ought not intended to replace healthy foods. It's preferable to not take multiple multivitamins daily while keeping yourself eating healthier foods rather than counting on a supplement.

Potatoes are a staple in several people's diet. Many individuals don't feel satisfied unless meals includes potatoes or bread added.

It is important that your iron inside their diet. The normal adult woman should consume 18mg of iron per day, while pregnant, she should increase this to 27mg. If your woman doesn't receive enough iron while pregnant, it is possible to end up anemic.

Frozen vegetables are excellent to eat for health content and fit in the freezer allowing you to have them available. They are often tossed in with meat dishes or served as part of just about every meal.Freezing them prevents them from spoiling before getting to make use of them.

Let each of your months have a few cheat days monthly.This offers you sense more freedom in what you eat and in addition enables you to enjoy a social life.

Make simple meals that the family will like. When you rotate a menu of meals your household loves, your household is very likely to eat them.

Find substitutes for high-fat dairy ingredients. Evaporated milk without fat free can even be replacement for cream. You may also use ricotta cheese instead of cream cheese. You will still be in a position to enjoy the taste while saving calories by making these switches.

Children especially need proper nutrition to cultivate. If they eat a lot of starches and sugars, they may experience nutrient deficiencies, resulting in poor growth and low energy.

Garlic has always been used by several different cultures to prevent illnesses. Garlic almost works as a kind of natural antibiotic. It is actually a good seasoning to various dishes. Garlic could be cooked within the oven to be roasted after which wear toast.

As mentioned from the above article, consuming the correct nutrition helps tremendously in how healthy you happen to be. With proper planning, monitoring and some patience, your life will be healthier and happier.

An Overview Free Football On the web Utilities

Called the "Greatest Show On Earth", the British Premier League is known as while the planet's most popular and most-viewed professional football league, and is observed across the planet by an projected half of a billion people. Countless supporters have experienced the games on TV and on the Internet, rooting for marquee people like Alan Shearer, Michael Owen, Religious Ronaldo, Les Ferdinand, Thierry James, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Juan Sebastian Veron many more.
Who Regulates Worldwide TV Rights for the EPL

Considered in around 202 nations and territories, the British Premier League is usually observed on TV networks which are either controlled by NewsCorp, held by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who also possesses a large stake at local tv broadcaster BskyB. They also get a handle on the rights within the United Kingdom and Ireland. Over the Internet, supporters can take a look at live loading of football matches on lmisports,, and different Web channels.

Worldwide Achieve of the EPL

The British Premier League's acceptance nowadays has quickly grown in parts like Asia, wherever it is observed to be the absolute most widely-distributed sports program. Stay loading video, football highlights as effectively as  nfl streams regular updates are beamed daily to audiences in nations like China, wherever regular matches attract TV and on line audiences hitting as large as 360 million. Sporting analysts say this is significantly more than any other international sporting event.

A complete of 20 groups perform matches in the Premier League. The EPL's time goes from July to May and each football team represents another teams twice, once at their property arena and once at their opponents, for a complete of 38 games. Each competing teams are given three points for a gain and one time for a draw and number points get for a loss.

The teams in that league are then rated by total points, goal big difference, and total goals scored. The team who has the absolute most points gained by the end of the season is then given the championship. The teams in the British Premier League also take pleasure in the freedom to indicator any quantity and group of people they wish and number group or individual salary hats are pegged.

The league also doesn't impose any squad measurement restricts and age restrictions except those who affect UK common employment laws. No restrictions are also required on the full total number of international people a team could hire.

Most readily useful Website Promotion - 9 Approaches to Succeed At Site Promotion

Electronic marketing businesses are flourishing these days, since folks have transformed their method of exploring and buying information, electronic marketing businesses perform according to the customer's necessity, they understand the type of company and perform accordingly. These firms should develop unique and revolutionary suggestions to upgrade their brand image. Electronic marketing involves numerous actions like SEO, SMO, Content Management, Ad-word etc. These companies analyze their marketing strategy and develop an idea according to the strategy. They fundamentally use every electronic platform for marketing the company. These businesses also create a sensitive site for a business therefore that they'll provide ideas in regards to the company. The internet site allows reliability to the business at the electronic stage, your site can help you to have rating and obtain feedback from customers. Today, most important companies seek help from electronic marketing firms to improve sales of electronic sales. These businesses also analyze their Bing rating and perform accordingly.

Content Advertising

Content marketing aims to entice and maintain consumers in order to continuously construct and eat appropriate and valuable articles with the intention of changing or improving the behavior of consumers. Successful content is talking the proper meaning to your customers at the proper time.

Research Motor Optimization

SEO is the procedure of raising the normal rating of the web site with important research results on the research engine. The procedure of improving an effective se optimization (SEO) campaign, cautiously selecting, appropriate, keywords that make the on-page optimization well-known for se calculations Is going to  soundcloud plays be designed for since it may be.

Social Press Advertising

Social media marketing marketing indicates social networking websites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and Blog - the procedure of website traffic or attention through social networking websites. Social marketing tools allow persons to interact with one another and construct relationships with customers. SMM basically involves actions, including cultural discussing of articles, films and photographs for marketing purposes..

E-mail Advertising

Send newsletters, create good e-mail campaigns, and hold touching your associates and consumers. E-mail marketing is a critical Net marketing software, without the effective online promotional effort, including database or volume e-mail marketing and newsletter services haven't been completed.

Present Network

Present Network is a collection of websites - involves Bing web sites like Bing Money, Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube - which show AdWords ads. To be able to produce one of the very most cost-effective forms of marketing exclusively, the Present Network uses the AdWords offer system, which include all Bing websites such as Blogger, YouTube and Gmail etc. Their most cost-effective way ensures that you spend only when your campaign works out!

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