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Sardor Abdullaev Azimovich, His Associates and The Firms, Vivatex and Sleep & Beyond Are Criminals

It wouldn’t come as a shock to many who are aware of Sardor Azimovich Abdullaev Azimovich’s antics that the companies he purportedly says he run are only means of distracting attention away from his core criminal engagements. Himself and his associates are con-artists and rather unfortunately, they …

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7 Reasons Why E-Learning is the Best Solution For CFA Examination Cooking

Given that you've passed the CFA Stage I exam, it is time to get going with the Stage II exam. Stage II exam is regarded as being more challenging compared to the Stage I exam.

Based on the CFA Institute, only 39% of the pupils passed the Stage II exam. Therefore, it is critical that you want you…

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