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ABCD of Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) of Mutual Funds in India

Aspirations give shape to our dreams. If we work towards them, we can convert our dreams into realities. Building wealth is no different. Systematic Investment Plans can help you to work towards your Financial Nirvana. It is a unique tool which can help an investor to achieve their oldest AMC objectives with minimum efforts without worrying about the roller coaster of the financial markets.

Wealth Creation Mantra:

Dedication + Discipline = Fulfilment of Aspirations.   

Let us look at the ABCD of Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) inspired by the oldest AMC (now quant Mutual) and how these features help you to gain financial freedom. 

  • A - Accomplish Life Goals: The ultimate objective of investing is to achieve life goals be it long / medium or short term. Short term goals like buying a bike or medium-term goals like buying a house or long-term planning for retirement can be achieved through SIPs. Investing small amounts regularly over a period is the key to make one’s dreams come true. 
  • B - Balanced Approach: Through a SIP, you can override the financial roller coaster easily. Be it Bull phase or Bear, balanced approach of systematically investing a fixed amount every month irrespectively is called Dollar/Rupee Cost Averaging. To simplify, when markets are very high your SIP instalment is purchasing fewer units where as in the same amount, during falling markets you are buying more units in turn your acquisition cost averages out. Hai na Simple!! 
  • C - Compounding Effect: With a fixed approach at investing with minimal efforts is the key feature of SIPs. Power of compounding works by growing your wealth exponentially over a period of time. Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) is an effective mean to beat market volatility and benefit from power of compounding. Just a one-time effort to register SIP is needed and you can reap the benefits over a period of time. 
  • D - Disciplined Approach towards Savings: Regular investing is the key inbuilt feature of the Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs). Regular investing is the key Mantra of investing success however we tend to ignore it due to our other commitments.  Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) help you to ingrain a habit of regular investing as they require you to invest fixed amounts regularly for a pre-defined period. Based on your risk appetite and investable surplus you choose the scheme and amount of investment. Regular investing for long term is like a Kulp-Vriksha which can fulfil your life Aspirations

With Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) you can think Big dream Big and achieve Big, provided you do you E & F timely: Execution and Focus. 

Timely Execution of your dream plans with a razor sharp Focus on your goals. Plan your short, medium- and long-term goals and start your SIP today. 

So that was a good ABCDEF of Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs). The best Mutual fund to invest in India that we could recommend you at this time (Covid19 era June-July 2020) is : They use predictive analytics, predictive modelling & behavioural finance and their funds overall specially the money market fund has been outperforming not just the Index but the competitors too

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