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About Sharp Circles

Sharp Circles is a company providing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consulting service for clients. The company is a type of B2B business. It’s a small company consisting of the digital marketing consultants, business analysts and office staff. The organisational chart is Functional Structure. Functional Structure organisational is a structure which includes undertakings like supervision, direction, management, and allocation of responsibilities.

Sharp Circles holds promotional events once a month to build a relationship with customers and keep updating new information to people who might be interested in using SEO to boost their website.

An event I’d been involved is at Pegasus Hotel which we changed the location from what we normally used as General seo company melbourne Assembly. At Pegasus Hotel, It is a new venue in which there is a smaller number of audiences attending the venue. It could be we hosted it o different day during the week. This event is mainly to introduce about “13 things that business should avoid” which the senior consultant presented in the second half of the presentation.

Unique selling point

  • Be able to focus on customers – as a small company; we will be able to focus on customers and keep track of any updates with customers’ requirements to satisfy them.
  • Located in the CBD – company’s Melbourne office is easy to access by public transport either by personal vehicles, trams or train
  • Held events every month to attracts newcomers – build knowledge for those who attend the events as well as being able to build a relationship with them.


Flexibility – in my point of view, the company is flexible as we can move around the business lounge to different spots which suit our mood.

Events - allows me to learn different knowledge through the work given or presentation which I’ve been involved in those activities. I’ve learned tips and tricks from listening to the presentation especially while doing the seo company australia transcription into the company’s YouTube page.

Location – Good for everyone because of easy transportation makes employees life become easier. Office location is right in the city so everyone can travel home easily.

Integrity – It’s good that everyone have their own privacy in term of working as well as the company gives privacy to customers as it is one of an important rule to keep customers’ information private and keep it secret.

Meeting – I like the way we have weekly meeting, so everyone could know what the company’s is up to and what is happening in the coming days.

Encouraging – It good that my managers are here to help with any issues we have, so that we (interns) could delivered the work up to standard.  


Social media – the company must focus on building followers and subscriptions on its social media platform to focus on the right target market.

Website – Plain company’s website, need more graphics and less text, basically more adjustment needed for company’s website.


  1. Social media – First, we must choose a few social platforms which best suites our company. Then think about the best content which will fit with those platforms. Keep updating with new information such as trends of Facebook or SEO tips and tricks on YouTube (these clips should be less than 5 minutes long). Also, it needs to be fancy to attracts people who might be interested while using hashtags both on these platforms will help to increased subscriptions.
  2. Website – Based on the meeting we have about improving the website, I think some features in the website is repeating as seo company sydney well as some pages take long time to load. This may be because of the content in those pages both videos and picture caused the web to take time to load.
  3. Internship routine – I think some of the work for internship have to be clear to make people who are new clear about what they are doing and what is expected from them. It good that you have instructions for new people to follows (those instructions are self-explanatory).
  4. Working Space – It is understandable that we’re in co-working space which the place is limited and for everyone, but sometime this the business lounge feels a little small to work.
  5. Events - Equipment in the events need to be more prepare, we should buy the mic to have clear voice of the presenter. This leads to less work on the transcription for the YouTube channel. We can use this time to promote and concentrate on the social media platforms.
  6. Pay events – When the time comes, the company should change from FREE event to paid event. Because the company’s having to hire venues, so we have to be sure at least the payment for the venue. Also, we could offer some discount for those who LIKES, Subscribes and SHARES our events on Facebook. This is another way to increase traffic in out social media platforms.
  7. Online advertisement – the company should do the online advertisement a month before the event is held, this is to inform people who wanted to attend the events. Also, we could remind them by reposts the event every week. So, there should be more people attend the events as they are kept update and aware of the coming up events. Alongside, we should change the picture on promoting page to more professional photos (maybe we can let one of the interns to do the photoshop).


Future Expectations

By the end of my internship, I will develop my future career as a Business Analysts as Sharp Circles taught me various knowledge of becoming Business Analysts. The used of Google Search Console, different trends of SEO in the coming up years, while create comparison presentation of how major search engines in the market works. I think Sharp Circles gave me a lot which I have a chance to do different tasks given by my managers. Alongside, I am able to learn and analysis of clients’ industries of their current market and trends in the coming years. These helps to build my knowledge in being an internship at Sharp Circles. 

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