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How To Have Great Sext

Sexting is a form of pleasurable activity, but just like everything else, it requires time to master the skill. A Drexel University study shows that almost all adults have tried free sexting online throughout their relationships. Some great sexting can take you far, some nudes here and there, but you must be ready to follow the process. You are not supposed to jump into horny ideas or something randomly. Here are some tips to help you have a great sext.

Timing Is Key

Similar to actual sex, you need to build a sexual atmosphere. Please do not ask for sexting officially; time it right. For instance, you can start with some flirting, and your partner says, 'they miss you,'- this can be the right time to start sexting. It also applies if someone said they wish you were next to them. You should take time to learn your partner’s love language well to know when it is time to get down with sexting.

Take It Slow

You already have an open door, and it’s time to make your moves. Remember, you are to initiate the conversation while keeping it not too straightforward. For instance, you can text some lines explaining your past encounters and how you would like to have it all over again. You need to get your partner on that sexual vibe! If you get the response you wanted, you can request for those nudes or slide some 'dirtier' sexts.

Ask For Input

Sexting is two-way traffic. So, check to see if you are getting the response you want. With the nudes, you need to be artistic- make sure you take the right angles. Conveniently, you can have a stock of sexy pics in your gallery and unleash them. Make sure you accompany your sexts with the right set of emoji. Do not feel shy talking about your desires, and this is the right time to ask any sexual-related questions.

To sum up, make sure that throughout your sexts, you tease your partner as much as you can. If you prefer meeting people online, you can join sexting sites to get matched with a compatible sexter. Some popular sexting sites include Arousr, SexPanther, MeetMe, to name a few. Follow the guidelines we highlighted above for some good sexting experience on these sites.

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