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My Experience With RMJB Group

I was contacted by a guy calling himself Nathan Nico after posting an add online. Nathan Nico messaged me offering his company RMJB group ( services as a media provider.

He urged me to pay him with BTC an amount of 240$ and told me I am supposed to get what I paid for 24 hours later.

After a week of waiting and him ignoring me I tried calling the RMJB Group ( and found out that the phone lines can only reach a few front desk secretaries in RMJB group ( that can’t do much but passing messages to employees that never got back to me.

After another week of waiting, Nathan Nico told me he will send the money back but obviously did not.

I am posting this warning here and in any place I am able to warn anyone that thought about doing any business with Nathan Nico or RMJB group ( 

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