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Why you need a stone bathtub?

If you are in the position of needing a new bathtub, renovating your lovely bathroom, or about to build a new house. Bathroom design is one of the most important parts. According to a Bathroom Habits Survey from MaP, the average person spends 45 minutes in the bathroom daily. That is more than 182 hours per year for each individual. Nonetheless, these 45-minutes are not including bath time.

Let's say If you plan to take a hot bath to get your refresh and enjoy your downtime, the time you spend in a bathroom would be doubled!

So let's face it, we need an elegant bathroom, we need a space to relax, to connect ourselves to nature. That's why Zen-style bathroom designs are so popular these years.

So among so many types of the bathtub, such as firberglass, acrylic, porcelain-Enameled Steel, wood, or cast iron and stone bathtub, why should you choose a natural stone bathtub?

First of all, a natural stone bathtub is the most durable bathtub. It can fight against time. A stone bathtub is made of natural stone block. I am talking about a real natural stone tub, not an artificial stone tub. Yes, they carved a bathtub directly from a stone block. Like all the amazing stone statues carved from a raw stone. The real natural stone bathtub also produce this way.

I really don't like artifical stone tub seeing that It's super expensive, and it's made from a mould. If you buy a stone tub from a factory, ( yes, since the stone tub is a high valued large piece of art, so you could buy it directly from a manufacturer in order to save money). It will cost you a few thousands dollar, the price usually is decided by the size and the stone material you choose. However, if you buy an artificial stone tub, the price will start from USD8000 and up to USD 25,000. I don't get it , how comes an artificial tub could cost this much if a purely natural stone tub is only cost USD7000.

Now, Let's get back to the durable function. How long does a natural stone tub last? As long as the Ancient Roman Columns and Pantheon last, As we know, only around 1500 years. Don't forget, the ancient Roman columns and Pantheon are left outside. your natural stone tubs are inside your Zen-style bathroom. It means you will have less windy, rainy, and sunny days to challenge your precious tub.

A way to keep bath water from cooling:

On the other hand, A natural stone tub can keep the hot water warm long. How long? According to Bathtub Material Survey from BMCP, the natural stone tub can hold water warm twice longer as a cast Iron tub, and don't forget, cast iron is famouse of his function of keep water warm longer! It's already the longest warm water keeper among all the other competitors.

To add, a stone bathtub, like marble bathtub, is also a value keeper. Remember how much you need to pay for removing an old bathtub? The long process usually is the reason keep us from changing a new design bathroom! Nevertheless, a free-standing marble bathtub is a classic decoration and keep it's value forever. My suggestion would be to choose your bathtub style carefully. Canadian stone bathtub brand Marblebee Ltd. would be your first stop of shopping. They have designed and listed hundreds of contemporary designed freestanding marble bathtubs granite bathtubs, travertine bathtubs and sandstone bathtubs.

For your reference, If you don't understand what's the differences between these types of stone tubs, you could google search Marblebee bathtub.

If you choose a contemporary stone tub design, It's unlikely will unpopular. That being said a few years later, you will still love your marble tub or granite tub. Moreover, An elegant marble bathtub can add up your home's value. Think of how much value a marble countertop of the kitchen could add to the house when you are about to buy it or sell it. The same thing happens to your bathroom freestanding marble bathtub or granite bathtub.

In addition, have you heard of a sandstone tub? You should definately check them Sandstone bathtub from Marblebee LTd. It's a freestanding tub made from sandstone. The vein is like water wave, some stone blocks are breathtaking, look like Saturn. People use this natural stone to carve a freestanding marble tub. Can you imagine how beautiful it is! The most famous sandstone bathtub is from Marblebee Ltd. They have so many different style and vein of sandstone tub listed on their website.

Last but not least, a stone bathtub could bring you the best bathing experience. The texture is made from natural stone, you literally can touch the stone while you are having a hot bath. What's better than that in a bath? Remember how obsessive we could be while we online shopping for a stone made sope tray? How much we want for a stone-made candle tray? How much money did we spend on a tiny stone decoration in a bathroom just to feel the power of nature? Yes, we human being has a tendency to worship nature material. Rain, Wind, Sand, Stone. we smell them, we touch them, we breathe through them. we live in them.

In a nutshell, there is no reason why you don't need a stone bathtub, I think everyone is keen to obtain a marble tub, a granite tub, or a sandstone tub. 2020, Covid19 hit us without any warning. Suddenly, we found money is useless. No matter how much we have saved, how hard we have worked before, with a devil virus patrol the whole earth, we are all prisoners. The only thing we can do is renovating the environment we lived in. I keep telling myself, I should spend some money on my own environment as if there is no tomorrow. Maybe everyone should do it. we should enjoy our life and every moment as if there is no tomorrow.

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