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Win365 Business Development Director

Hello everyone, I’m Ian Jones, Business Development Director of Win365 With the original intention of building a professional betting platform, WIN365 sincerely invites football legend, Mr. Patrice Evra, as the brand ambassador of the brand. As one of the most influential football superstars in the world, MR. Evra has won multiple Premier League/Serie A/UEFA Champions League titles for his team. We are very glad to join forces with him. We are certain that WIN365 has something to offer to all football fans. Based on the concept of fairness, Win365 provides the best service and offer the perfect game experience to all players. Congratulations to win365 and Mr. Evra for the perfect partnership.

Patrice Evra

Hello everyone, I’m Patrice Evra, I’m very glad to meet you. Today is a special day for me because I will officially become the brand ambassador of Win365. Win365 is one of the top comprehensive and diversified betting platforms, with the most solid financial support, the most professional practitioners, and the most advanced software development technology in the industry. The reason why I chose to be the Brand Ambassador of Win365, is its concept of fairness, Win365 is the platform that you can truly trust. Being the Brand Ambassador of WIN365 means an honor as well as a responsibility to me. We will together carry out a series of activities that benefit Asian fans. Please look forward to it, Thank you!

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