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Best Hookup Tips for Men and Women

A while ago, online dating was less popular, and for many, it wasn’t very pleasant. Who would want to search the internet for love when they could meet people in their neighborhood.

But dating could also be hard even though you have dating platforms at hand. This is especially true if you are a new single who is trying your luck with the dating apps. Hooking up in a smooth and right way can be daunting, and you may spend a lot of time trying to figure it out.

Top Three Tips for Hooking Up

Get Consent

Before you get into the field of dating and hookups through fwb sites & apps for women and men, know that it is quite murky. Therefore, you should know if your match is consenting to the hookup. Mutual consent is the top consideration for hookups. This is because for every hookup to be successful it’s important to get both partners' input.

Be Clear and Honest with your intentions.

According to Georgie Wolf, a sex educator, it’s essential to be clear about your needs before hooking up with a man or woman. If you want a one-night stand or a relationship, then be affront about it. The perfect match will enjoy the same things from you but if they are into something else, then wait for them to change their mind or move on.

Always Carry Gum in your Pocket

When going for that hookup, it’s always vital to carry some chewing gum. A fresh breath is irresistible, and though many people ignore it, it’s crucial for a successful hookup. And besides, you don’t know when you will be offered a date, so having some gum will guarantee you a fresh and fragrant breath.


I am hopeful your hookup will be successful on; the tips in our post are all you need to make it work. You will have an admirable sexual experience and become an expert sooner. Good luck and enjoy your hookup.

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